Starving Millions

by Starving Millions



released August 22, 2013

Engineered and mixed by Dave.

Mastered by Chris at Ramrod Media



all rights reserved


Starving Millions Wellington, New Zealand

Hardcore punk from Wellington City, New Zealand.

Pete - Guitar / Vox
Dave - Drums
Cam - Bass
Sam - Guitar

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Track Name: Dust Devil
they call me dust devil rail satan
after the show if be insufflating white shit up my nose
i ain't passing out at fucking show
i don't laugh at the thought of huffing glue
i love that shit so should you
it's fun its fucking cheap
it's easy to get it's so fucking sweet

dust devil

im not a person just like you
i ain't got better things to do
so i sit around fuck my head
look just like the living dead
im not a person just like you

dust devil
brain cells in purgatory
dust devil
i have no memories
Track Name: Saturday Night Special
he's a cold mother fucker with a gun in his hand
he's struggling with forces you could never understand
skin crawling on bone with the thought of you alone
he wants your life he wants blood on his knife

he's a man on a mission his thoughts are obsessive
with the kill on his mind and the weight it presses
but he's made up his decision he's made up his mind
he's an animal let loose he's not biding his time

he's a fierce fucking hunter eats the souls of the slain
strength through the fight to the gods he does pray
the wicked in the wind urges him on
he's stained with the blood of the lost and the gone

his steps are getting louder
he's coming for you
with a voice like broken glass bleeding
he's screaming out for you

look out mother fucker you're in might sights
your about to feel the heat of a saturday night special
it's loaded its aimed at your head
one wrong move and you'll wind up dead
Track Name: Lions Share
gimme just a little more its what i need
i only need a little bit i've gotta breath
all i want is a little more i've got a disease
i only need a little bit i'm not a fiend

scratching scraping screaming where's the relief
i take what i need to get it i'm your local thief
hollow body walking like a ghost in the streets
you'll never see me coming never see me leave

i don't care how i get it all i want is the lions share
it's the only thing i fight for the only thing i fear

every day i'm taking more and more
i don't what i'd do if i couldn't score
Track Name: Judge and Jury
can't you hear them screaming they've had enough
they call out your name they want you blood
for far too long you've lived untouched
rape and murder is your charge
after many years of oppression
judge and jury fuck confession

they're knocking at your door
can't run no fucking more
they're knocking at your door
your eyes are tired your feet are sore

you spilled they're blood in the street
now they want your head at their feet
now you live in fear hide away beg forgiveness count your days
for far too long you've lived untouched
rape and murder is your charge
after many years of oppression
judge and jury fuck confession

it's all your fault
you fuelled they're hate
they will revolt
it's far too late
Track Name: Nihilistic Trips
i do what i want
have no time for consequence
cause it's never my fault
have no time for reprehence

we're all alone
we've always been
no one understands
no one has ever seen

so i live my life with no control
there's no deterrent like a soul

no matter what i do nothing will change
i won't ever try cause its all the same

i do what i choose
no matter the choice in the end we all lose
that's never gonna change
no matter what's your view

in the end we all lose
Track Name: The Theme Song To Batman (Parasite)
i fear that nothings gonna change
your preaching freedom liberty and hate
you focused on their pain
it's the reaction that sealed your fate

it's a shame how you treat your brothers
so in tolerant of every other
treat him like a parasite like a fucking worm

ignorance still lingers on
through the hate that you teach your sons
a generation that did not choose
is a generation born to lose

and i don't how you can treat someone like that
with so much hate so much disrespect
you look at him with such distain
and it's sad cause nothings gonna change